Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sarah visits Ben in Wisconsin

Hey Everybody,

Medical school is going great. Some of the highlights so far:
-Learning anatomy from practicing doctors during anatomy lab. I got "hands on" experience with anatomy last month when I learned hand anatomy from three different hand surgeons.
-Shadowing doctors. I shadowed two different neurosurgeons, one in the OR and one in clinic. What a neat experience.
-Clubs (I am in eight or so). It's always really fun to get extra experiences outside of class. I volunteered at the Saturday Free Clinic for the Uninsured and saw two patients. I was their "doctor" with the help of more experienced students and with family medicine doctors.
-Taking out a brain from my group's body donor. It was so cool to finally see a human brain. I was a Neuroscience major and studied the brain, but I hadn't seen a human one until that day.

Sarah came and visited me. She was here for two weeks and we had lots of fun. I'm glad she loves me enough to drive all the way out here to see me. We didn't take pictures of all our excursions, but we did for a couple.

Sarah got a haircut when she was here. It was a nice haircut, I think.

Sarah before haircut.

Sarah after haircut. Looking good!

Sarah and I visited the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Me with a view of the museum and Lake Michigan in the background.

Sarah and...something.

We went to the Jelly Belly factory on the way to Chicago. My favorite Jelly Belly was the sports belly with caffeine. I'll use them next time I run more than a half mile. The picture below are artwork made entirely out of Jelly Bellies.

Finally, Sarah and I went to Chicago just before she left for Utah. We went to the Planetarium, wandered around downtown, ate some very delicious deep dish pizza, then got Sarah to the airport.

Sarah with a view of the marina and Chicago downtown.

Me with the planetarium and Lake Michigan.

We also sighted pirates on the horizon.

Have a terrrrific day!




Ben or Sarah said...

Thanks Ben, for updating our blog. I love you. ~Sarah

Cheryl said...

Nice blog! It is good to hear about your experiences. Sounds like you are fitting right into that Dr. world!!

Great pictures of your fun times with Sarah there! I love her haircut!!

Lots of love to the both of you!!

Rachel said...

Sarah I love your hair!! It definitely suits you. :) I'm glad you got to go visit Ben, that's awesome. We need to get together sometime, by the way. Are you still in Salt Lake area?