Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sarah isn't here...

Hey people,

Here is a window into what happens when Sarah isn't here to keep me sane. This is what I resort to.



Sunday, November 9, 2008

This week in history

Hello Family,

This sure was an interesting week. Tuesday had its up's and down's. I actually had mixed feelings about Obama being elected. I had many feelings both in favor and in opposition to both candidates and their running mates. I was hoping America would choose wisdom and experience over smooth talk and many unattainable promises. But America chose to believe in a man who symbolizes hope for so many. My hope, as a person not so easily swayed by the flattering words of a lawyer, is that Obama will be moderate and bipartisan and make the changes that need to be made without going overboard. I fear that he has an agenda different from what he's been promising and that it will be far, far more radical than what the people expect, given his record.

However, I agree with McCain in his speech when he succeeded in his campaign for presidency. America needs some major changes right now to secure our standing in the world. We need to give our new President all the support we can, of course being constrained by our own beliefs and views. We conservatives can't give up our values and we can't cave in to stupid policies, but we should be flexible. D&C 134:6 says we need to honor our leaders in their stations. I think this applies to Obama.

Our government needs to act quickly to ensure that we aren't left in the backwater of the global economy. We've outsourced so much and are letting other countries come close to outstripping us. I hope Obama, with the advice of competent economists (who aren't socialists by definition of competent), will work with both parties in Congress to protect our economic future. There are many other issues that are in need of solutions, health care for instance. I hope President Obama acts with moderation and consideration towards the concerns of those like myself.

The picture above is of my junky tv (thank Luke) after Obama's speech.

The other picture is of the program from sacrament meeting today where I sang in an octet. I sang baritone.

Next week is an exam week, so wish me luck!