Monday, August 18, 2008

Medical College of Wisconsin Orientation Week

(Ben wearing his white coat for the first time immediately after the white coat ceremony)

Hey Everyone,

This post is about my first week in Wauwatosa and at orientation for MCW. The first week at medical school was spent doing most of the boring administrative details. The first two days had lots of meetings where I sat and listened to people. The third day was slightly better, and I had a 2 1/2 hour CPR class. Thursday I went to the zoo. Friday was shorter, too, and I went to the white coat ceremony like you see above. Saturday my roommates and I went and got some furniture for the place I am currently living.
I am not able to post any more pictures for some reason. The server is saying that it has an internal error. If you want pictures, email me and I will send you the same zip folder that I am going to send Sarah.
For more state fair pictures, go to . You'll have to scroll past some of my roommate's pictures to find the right ones.
Love you guys!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Island adventure

Ben and I will be posting more now that we are apart. Ben has been gone now for a week and a half. Most of which I spent in x island with Mama and Papa Hamm. We flew into the Mantague iland cabin on Sunday night. Monday was turned out to be the only day of sunshine we had the whole trip. We saw at least 16 deer that day but none legal. We hunted Tuesday morning as well and planned to go home that afternoon.

Tuesday we took off but quickly returned due to gusty winds, low visability and rain. That night at 2 am the the search and rescue airforce c130 plane came to find us. Dad got on the radio and said talked to them.

Wednesday mom was supposed to be at work but she decided to relax and go fishing at the beach in stead.

Notice the seven layer waves. A definite NO for flying.

Dad got a club which was the first idea for catching fish..not so much.

Thusday. Day five. Dad was supposed to pick up my two brothers in the airplane after a float trip but he we here relaxing instead. We were so very very grateful for the people who left five pounds of rice and some beans there. We suplimented it with tastey fish and berries. As we tuned around from taking this picture we saw some geese.These are the geese that got away. But probably all you see is the reason we were still there.Day six. I was supposed to leave on a jet to Utah this day, but as you can see....well we couldn't see. Dad woke me up at 6:30am with three shots and then came in to anounce "fresh meat". we had tender loin for breakfast. And Deer heart for dinner.We all had our own deer to butcher.

If anyone is wondering what I did for 6 days and nights while my family was worried about my survival...this is it.Day seven the weather cleared enough for a safe trip home. In celebration we ate the last of our rice and headed out.