Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Trip to Missouri and such

In March, Ben's parents came for a short trip. these pictures were loaded backwards, so see the very bottom for pictures of Scott and Cheryl. Next is a picture of one day i caught Elizabeth swinging her teddy bear in her swing. Aww. In early April Elizabeth and I drove to Missouri to see my parents and my dad's siblings. I had a nice time getting acquainted with them. We spent the first couple days at my Aunt Elizabeth (Betsy's) house where Elizabeth had a good time walking around the yard with her walker and the dog zippy following after. We visited my Dad's Aunt Stella who just celebrated her 90th birthday and lives alone doing her own shopping, laundry, cooking, and cleaning. We took a picture of Elizabeth 1 and Stella 90. We visited my grandmother and grandfather's graves in Fristat Missouri where my grandma Hamm grew up. Then we visited the farm where Grandma Hamm's parents lived. My dad said that he lived there when he was Elizabeth's age. There were of course other owners there and the house of different, but dad remembered the hills and the trees and the streams where he would go fishing and hunting. Elizabeth and my mother liked the farm cat, that the owner said that no one ever picked up till my mother got there of course. The owners now raise cockers paniels I think they were and herded sheep for fun. Most of the land was used for cows. Later I went fishing once on Table Rock Lake or watched my parents fish, rather, with my dad's cousin Steve. Elizabeth slept most of the time. I think it's the over sized snug life jacket that puts her to sleep because she fell asleep on the paddle boat as well. My cousin Emily was there with her recent husband Matt. We caught up on the last 15 years. Elizabeth watched Sesame street on the I pod during the long drive. For Elizabeth and Ben's birthday, we had a few families over and ate cake. Elizabeth got a cute dress from Grandma Ekstrom for her birthday.