Friday, June 1, 2012

Baby Jane is Home!

Baby  Jane has been home a week now.  We loved having Grandparents here to help out so much especially with Lizzy.  The ward has been so helpful since the grandparents have left.  Dad has been spending lots of time with his girls and helping with mundane things.  
I'm proud of the bumper and skirt and curtains I made for Jane and Lizzy's room.  

 See how close the buckles are in the car seat.  Jane is so tiny.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jane! (And graduation, visitors, etc)

Hi everybody,

Sorry for the delay.  It has been a very crazy few days.  Here is the first installment of photos.  We will post more as we take them.

Just a brief outline of the events:
Sarah's mom and both of my parents came to see Jane.
Sarah went into labor at 1AM the morning of my graduation.  You can see her below with me and our parents (minus her dad) the night prior to graduation at a dinner.  You also see her looking very pregnant in the graduation photos because we took them in advance anticipating the hectic nature of the day (even without Sarah going into labor).
I had to leave Sarah's side and her mom took over temporarily so I could graduate from medical school and be recommissioned as a Captain in the Army National Guard at that same ceremony.
Baby Jane was born at 10:57 AM the next morning by C-section at 7lbs 61/2 oz, 20 1/2 inches.
Mom and baby are both doing well now!


Taken before graduation.

Lizzy was very excited when she got to see her mom.
So excited she ate about 3 cups of green beans (mom and dad brought a dinner for us to eat together and celebrate).

Lizzy loves her new sister!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

cute lizzy pics from March and April

There was snow a couple day after we got back to Milwaukee. Just enough to make this snow man and then the next day it was completely gone!

Next is a pictures a couple/few weeks ago of my growing #2.

Lizzy was mildly interested in play dough.

Lizzy was dressed for church but then ended up going to the park with Mom instead due to a rash on her face.

LAstly, coloring Easter eggs and having and Easter egg hunt. The leave are already out here in Milwaukee this year.

Thank you Heather for cute skirt

Lizzy wore this new skirt from Aunt Heather the first Sunday we got back from India, and again on Easter. Here are some pictures. A man a church said that when she ran in the gym and her bottom and skirt waddled back and forth, it was a 10 out of 10 on the cute scale. It's a pretty darn cute skirt, with some room to grow.