Tuesday, April 10, 2012

cute lizzy pics from March and April

There was snow a couple day after we got back to Milwaukee. Just enough to make this snow man and then the next day it was completely gone!

Next is a pictures a couple/few weeks ago of my growing #2.

Lizzy was mildly interested in play dough.

Lizzy was dressed for church but then ended up going to the park with Mom instead due to a rash on her face.

LAstly, coloring Easter eggs and having and Easter egg hunt. The leave are already out here in Milwaukee this year.

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Rachel said...

How does Lizzy have so much hair?? I thought Sydney was pretty good with hair but Lizzy has a ton! I guess Sydney's hair looks longer when it's wet. It usually curls up when it's dry.

Your pictures of your trip are AMAZING! How awesome that your little fam got to go. :) And I'm excited for your baby #2!