Saturday, March 3, 2012

Nepal Photos

We are home safe, finally.

These are a few of our pictures from Nepal. We'll post some India pictures later when we have time. Just posting this much took forever.

A few comments:
There are two pictures of Lizzy, one after she ate ice cream and another after eating yoghurt. She likes the food usually.

The second and third pictures were taken at our visit to Pashupatinath, the largest temple in Nepal. We were there at the day of a festival and it was insanely crowded. We walked for more than 20 minutes past a 3 people wide line of tightly packed pilgrims. There was almost no space where there wasn't people. It was cool, though.

Lizzy got her baths in a bucket. She would sit in there and not want to leave even after the water was beginning to get cold. Silly girl.

She got tired and slept all over, whether it was in the stroller or on the stairs. But usually in a bed if we got her to one in time.

I think Lizzy's favorite part of the trip was the animals. She pointed out most of the dogs we saw and liked noting the sheep, cows, chickens, birds, etc. The sheep in this picture were chased onto a ledge by Lizzy and then petted when they couldn't escape.

Lizzy was very popular with the locals. Sometimes when we weren't vigilant someone would pick her up like this old lady in the photo. She made lots of friends.

On the trail Lizzy was the only foreign baby, but she certainly wasn't the only baby. This picture below shows how local moms sometimes carried their children. The other popular option was to use a cloth to make a sling for holding a child.

Sarah and I both climbed up Poon hill on separate sunrises. The first day I was pretty sick so I stayed and watched Lizzy. We took a rest day that day. The second day I went before we started our hike for the day.

The man standing with me (Ben) in the picture was our guide on our hike, Tulasi. He's a very nice fellow and we enjoyed spending the days with him.

The picture 2/3 to the end looking out a window onto fields and stuff is the view from the hospital I worked at for a month. It was in Dhulikhel, Nepal about two hours east of the capital city of Kathmandu. It was up in the mountains with cleaner air and a great view. Quite a nice place to work.

There is a picture with me carrying Lizzy, my fanny pack, and another backpack. I usually didn't carry that much stuff. But we accidentally left the iPod behind and hiked about an hour straight up so our guide graciously went back for the iPod and I carried his stuff (as penance I suppose) until he caught up.

The third to last picture is the five of us who hiked together for the trek. There is Tulasi, our guide; Lizzy and I; Sarah with her belly; and Dal, our porter for the trek. It was nice to be back in a car as we were quite tired, but sad to be done with the trek. It was a beautiful journey, though somewhat mixed with struggles. But that's how life is, I suppose.

The final picture is our family standing on a tower near Dhulikhel enjoying a great view of the Himalayas.

Hope this will satisfy everyone's desire for photos. Let me know if you want to see anything else from Nepal.