Sunday, July 11, 2010

Akaska Vacation

These pictures are somewhat backwards and somewhat just mixed up but that's just the way they down load. I included lots of pictures of family and scenery. Even though I wished I had brought my long johns and wool hat, Alaska is still the greatest state. We love it. Seward Highway
Seldovia, AK
Seldovia cabin
annual chain saw carving contest
Elizabeth and cousin Hunter ( five months older)
walk on the beach
pretty beach

enlarge this picture to see the massive amount of mosquitoes. I didn't want to put bug dope on my hands because I would be touching Elizabeth. I had roughly 100 bites on each hand. Seriously not exaggerating. Elizabeth didn't look to good when we got home either. But we did limit out on Reds that day while Ben was talking his Step one Exam.
Alaska is beautiful (Potter's marsh)

Brother Mark and family
changing diaper on the hiking trail. (Bug net)
Alaska is beautiful
Ben's proud of his king salmon. Hard to come by this year and the last few years. Ben has not caught one in 5-6 years. Dad has a jack king in the back.
Alaska is beautiful
Ben and Bill looking for a black bear at head of bay.
Head of the bay at dusk
My parents have a very nice Cabin in Seldovia Alaska. You can see them just getting back from a kayak trip.
Hunter and Elizabeth staying warm on Halibut fishing trip.
See the crab in the mouth. The fish spit it up or hadn't swallowed all the way yet. Maybe the Crab just crawled out because it was still alive..don't know.
Bill, Ben, and Mark slayed the Black Bass
Ben was hoping to find black bear at head of bay, but Elizabeth was the only bear up there. Wasn't hardly any fish either.
Mom driving new boat
Brother Mark, wife Lauren and Baby Hunter
Mom and Dad digging clams.
Grandma making dinner with Elizabeth.
Ben at the cabin. Mom got some nice new seats.
Elizabeth's first ride in Grandpa's airplane. See movie below. She was fine until a rough landing on the way home.
Grandma with grand baby and grand kitty and her nice flowers in back.
Elizabeth lived in the brown bear suit for three weeks. This picture is at a friend's cabin.
Ben helped me take my red salmon off the hook and got splattered in the face with mud.
Elizabeth got to meet her cousin Hunter Hamm (three months older)

even more garden photos

We've been having even more fun with our garden. We are now attracting many butter flies and enjoying raspberries and black berries (not shown).

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blessing and 4th of July

Hello Everyone,

Here are some pictures of Elizabeth in her blessing dress and in her patriotic swim apparel. We went camping last weekend and went swimming.


She's a little angel.

And she might not like having that thing on her head. But maybe she does. You decide.

I'm a patriotic baby!

Get me out of this yucky water, mom.