Saturday, April 24, 2010

day 9-10

first walk day 9

first bath day 10

Friday, April 23, 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Four days old + The Saga of the Rocking Chair

Part I: Elizabeth's Fourth Day

They are sleeping. It's funny that Sarah's belly used to make it to the edge of the couch. Now there's room for Elizabeth...though I guess Elizabeth was occupying the space Sarah's belly used to take...hmm.

Part II: The Saga of the Rocking Chair

It all began with an idea to make a rocking chair from scratch. I took the plan for a glider rocker base from online, then took many sheets of paper and drafted a plan for the rest. It felt like the good old days when I was in high school with our "Nerds of the North" building robots. Here's me planning after the base was constructed.
Working. What am I wearing?

Dorky white coat. "Wood doctor"? It kept the sawdust off my clothes and had nice pockets for ear plugs and my eye protection.

Finished with the rough design, but not yet polished.

Sarah testing the balance. I had to adjust the length of the legs to shift the center of gravity forward. Everything else fit her (I drafted the plan for the chair after making measurements of her sitting on various chairs).

Here's the finished product in the nursery. It took three months of working bit by bit with my school schedule. Got the cushion off of

Now, the best part! Sarah rocks and nurses Elizabeth here.

I'm glad it turned out well.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Even More Baby Photos

Here are the baby photos taken by camera (rather than phone camera).

Elizabeth's first photo ever...

and her second.

Weighing in. Little bit of coning of her head from the long delivery (14 hours, then C-section). 8lbs 15oz. 19 3/4". And for Mike L.'s sake, the baby was born at 7:08 PM and her APGARs were 8 and then 9.

I want my momma!

Taking her into the OR to see her mom (and mom to see her).

Mom meets baby. Sarah had to do a Caesarian because the baby's blood supply was being choked off with each contraction after Sarah was dilated to ~4cm. The cord was wound all around Elizabeth, her neck and body. But everything turned out fine in the end. Sarah is doing great. She's been up and about most of the day.

Grandma Hamm and Elizabeth get acquainted.

Getting ready for a meal. Elizabeth has been doing quite well, in spite of having to wait over two hours between delivery and her first meal. She has a great nursing reflex.

Dad changing diaper. She had three poopy diapers today and twice she produced enormous quantities of black sludge as she was changed. She went through a lot of diapers. It makes it more fun when you have to deal with a puddle of goo as you work.

Now she's sleeping.

The End.