Thursday, June 9, 2011

Trip to Utah

Sophie's Kitchen was much more fun that Liizy's. Chilling at Lake Powel. Lizzy fell asleep while hiking at little Cotton wood canyon, but before that she enjoying seeing a real forest and pretty river.

We also spent time in St. George and saw the massive temple there. Incredible how they built it without machines or gasoline! Uncle Bob hosted a fun BBQ in Hurricane, UT.

We went to the Hoggle zoo with the Perhsons and enjoyed playing with their cat at home.

Heather hosted a nice dinner with all of my UT siblings. The three girls had fun eatting together. Sophie likes to make sure Elizabeth is getting enough to eat.

Mary took me to the U2 concert at Rice Eccles statdium which was pretty wild.

And don't forget the Ekstrom cousins. Did you know that Elizabeth has 13 cousins in UTAH!. Elizabeth showed Leah how to bang rocks together and enjoyed playing at Emily's house.

My garden

I was surprised to see my flowers had grown quite a bit while I was away in Utah. Mary showed me how to plant flowers in Utah further apart, but now I already have a very full baskets. Also a picture of the vegetable garden. From the left to right: the squash and cumbers are out of view, then my flowering radishes, onions, carrots, lettuce, cabbages, board, tomatoes and weeds, more oinions, and peas. My peppers are still small, so I didn't show them.