Sunday, December 26, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010


Elizabeth is posing by our real Christmas tree with ornaments that Grandma and Grandpa Hamm sent.

Elizabeth is wearing her Christmas dress from Grandmas Hamm.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

thanksgiving photos

Above, Elizabeth sits so nicely in a box for long periods of time. Below: Thanksgiving with the Lloyds and company

Elizabeth learned to crawl

This is how Elizabeth learned to crawlThis is the next dayon the fifth day:Happy swing. Thank you Heather for the swing object permanenceCarrot Harvest on Nov 30th

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

more cute pictures in October

happy random day i wanted to make cake
ran a 5km together while Ben worked

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

This summer we grew pumpkins. Unfortunately it was partially at the expense of the other vegetables in our garden. And the pumpkins didn't do that well at that. (we grew the three smallest ones) We are doing really well, however, at growing little Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is looking at my foot...

A high chair ..finally


We've been feeding Elizabeth in various things including her bouncer chair, and a bumbo, and a baby bath tub. But finally we got a real high chair which Elizabeth loves as you can see.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lizzy can stand up..sort of

See those cute little teeth. I can see four more under the gums on the top.

I figured out that Elizabeth's bath tub makes a good chair for Elizabeth to play in. It keeps her upright which decreases on the amount of spit up. Also I can put toys in there and they don't get away from her. So Elizabeth is sitting in her bath tub on the back step eating tomato leaves while I harvest my basil plant. I got 10 cups of leaves off of it.

This is the dress that grandma Ekstrom sent to Elizabeth. So cute.

You can see she is trying hard to stay upright.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Heather Came to Visit Milwaukee

On the first day We went to the childrens museum.

What good is a bathroom if you can't take a bath in it?

we also went to Sprecher's soda factory.

The next day we drove up to Door County and stopped at a farm

Then went to a light house museum

And a dairy where we got to see a couple hundred pounds of butter be packaged. Here is Blake and Emily as cheese heads.

Elizabeth had fun with cousins.

We went another farm and dairy. This one had a corn maze

Clark got to practice milking a cow

Later that day we went to see another Light house on Cana Island
I stayed with Katie and Elizabeth at the bottom while Heather and the other kids climbed to the top of the light house.
butterflies at Cana island

we all played on the rocky beach of Lake Michigan.

The next day we took ferry to an Island off the tip of Door County between Green bay and the rest of Lake Michigan.
Waiting for the ferry:
We went swimming on the island

And if you zoom in on this picture you might see the canoe that the three older kids are paddling back to shore. Pretty place.

We stayed in a 50's cottage on the island

The next day it rained. We climbed a tower to look around the slightly developed island.
We drove back to Milwaukee and went to church on Sunday

Then drove to the Dells to the Kalahari Water park and Theme park resort. Very fun

Clark surfed on a standing wave. I tried it too, but didn't like it so much.
If you zoom in you might see Blake, Elizabeth and I in a double inter-tube.
Elizabeth is a nice shade of purple here.
Katie found lots of fun things for little girls to do. There was three different kiddy pools and then of couse lots of slides for the bigger folks.
Heather helped watch Elizabeth so I got to go down some slides too.

Elizabeth turned five months. And we discovered her first tooth while at the water park. Two days later her second one poked through. Can't really see it though in this picture.
Chill'n cousins
We had fun spending $80 on dinner and $80 on Breakfast at the resort restaurants. The money was included in our package deal. Heather and Katie driving bumper cars:
Blake and Elizabeth waiting for the bumper car drivers-cute. I don't have more pictures here of the theme park, but we also were able to go miniature golfing, do a ropes course which scared Heather and I, and went on an indoor ferrice wheel.

So glad Heather and the kids came to visit!