Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lizzy can stand up..sort of

See those cute little teeth. I can see four more under the gums on the top.

I figured out that Elizabeth's bath tub makes a good chair for Elizabeth to play in. It keeps her upright which decreases on the amount of spit up. Also I can put toys in there and they don't get away from her. So Elizabeth is sitting in her bath tub on the back step eating tomato leaves while I harvest my basil plant. I got 10 cups of leaves off of it.

This is the dress that grandma Ekstrom sent to Elizabeth. So cute.

You can see she is trying hard to stay upright.


Rachel said...

Sarah she is so cute!! That is a smart idea with the bathtub. I wonder if Syd would like that...she hates her bumbo. :p

Cheryl said...

She is adorable!! Thanks for posting the pictures of her wearing the dress, it is really cute on her!!

Emily said...

Awww! What a sweet little one. I look forward to her and Princess Leah to play together!