Thursday, December 1, 2011


Ben had an interview with the University of Utah, so we got to spend Thanksgiving this year in Idaho. All but one of Ben's siblings were there. 41 people were there for the feast! I included a photo of Ben's grandparents with their great grand children, a photo with their grand children, and and a photo with the Scott Ekstrom crew. Unfortunately Elizabeth was napping during the group photos. We had a nice time visiting and eating lots of food. Next we traveled to Mapleton UT for Eve's baptism. We also got to see all but one of my siblings in Salt Lake. Getting all 10 cousins in a photo was crazy. Elizabeth needless to say was well entertained, but has been sleeping non stop since we got hpme.


We took a short family trip to Tucson for one of Ben's residency interviews. The first day I took Elizabeth to the Arizona Sanora Dessert museum. In Elizabeth's limited vocabulary of plants: tree, pumpkin, banana, apple, beans, and peach, she chose pumpkin. Lizzy kept calling the cactus pumpkin. In but eventually learned the word cactus. Liz had to take her naps in the car but was flexible that way. The next day Ben went golfing while I stayed busy keeping Lizzy safe, and that afternoon we went to the Saguaro National Park. Did you know that the Saguaro cactus grow about a foot in 10 years. And do not grow arms until they are about 75 years old! The last picture during out nearly 4 hour lay over. Lizzy slept in the stroller for 3 hours until she finally slid all the way out and the airport got more busy.

Lizzy Sarah Duo

Whenever I play the piano, Lizzy comes running to join me. Even if she is in the middle of getting dressed. She loves to play and sing just like Mommy, well sort of like Mommy.