Monday, April 27, 2009


Hey guys,

I participated in a fMRI study last week and they gave me pictures of my brain. I thought I'd share. I did notice one cool congenital anomaly and I looked it up. It's called "cavum septum pellucidum". It's present in 10% or less of the population and it is benign. It's a splitting of the septum pellucidum into two parts. It can be caused by trauma. Looks like mom did drop me on my head...just kidding. The rest of the brain is just fine, though, as far as I could tell.


Sunday, April 12, 2009


Here are some pictures from our camping trip to Point Peach State Forest. And from archery at the Root River Parkway archery range.

Light house.

Sarah eating cold cereal.
It was really cold cereal. The milk was frozen.

Fish fry. I ate walleye.

"Handicapped-accessible" ramp. It works for all those whose wheelchairs can step up 2 feet. Quite a large oversight.

Sarah at the beach.

Sarah enjoying the fish fry. She had haddock.

Sarah's good at 25 yards. Note the arrow through the turkey target's spine. We went shooting at a range near our home. It's free and has the hay bales there.

Me at the same distance. Good enough to get a deer if I can shoot within 30 yards or so. The outlier on the upper right was a bent arrow. Better not take that one hunting.


Ben and Sarah