Saturday, April 17, 2010

Four days old + The Saga of the Rocking Chair

Part I: Elizabeth's Fourth Day

They are sleeping. It's funny that Sarah's belly used to make it to the edge of the couch. Now there's room for Elizabeth...though I guess Elizabeth was occupying the space Sarah's belly used to take...hmm.

Part II: The Saga of the Rocking Chair

It all began with an idea to make a rocking chair from scratch. I took the plan for a glider rocker base from online, then took many sheets of paper and drafted a plan for the rest. It felt like the good old days when I was in high school with our "Nerds of the North" building robots. Here's me planning after the base was constructed.
Working. What am I wearing?

Dorky white coat. "Wood doctor"? It kept the sawdust off my clothes and had nice pockets for ear plugs and my eye protection.

Finished with the rough design, but not yet polished.

Sarah testing the balance. I had to adjust the length of the legs to shift the center of gravity forward. Everything else fit her (I drafted the plan for the chair after making measurements of her sitting on various chairs).

Here's the finished product in the nursery. It took three months of working bit by bit with my school schedule. Got the cushion off of

Now, the best part! Sarah rocks and nurses Elizabeth here.

I'm glad it turned out well.



joylyn said...

so beautiful!

Melanie said...

That chair is incredible. I bet it will be a family heirloom someday.

I also love how much of you and Sarah I can already see in the baby's features.

I hope you are enjoying how small and snuggly she is.

Laura said...

I'm sure you will both cherish that chair and all the memories it already holds. I can also see it becoming a family heirloom. What a great rocking chair!

Little Smitheys said...

congratulations on your first!

Leigh's in Juneau AK said...

Sarah and Ben:
She is just too cute!

Emily said...

Elizabeth is looking great! Hooray for four days old! (Well, more than that now. . . )
I love the rocker, Ben. I am amazed that you constructed it from scratch. That is too awesome!

The Ostlers said...

She really is a beautiful baby!! Nice job guys! and the chair?? I know from Shawns projects it takes alot of time and effort and patience. at least you kept all your fingernails right??