Monday, August 18, 2008

Medical College of Wisconsin Orientation Week

(Ben wearing his white coat for the first time immediately after the white coat ceremony)

Hey Everyone,

This post is about my first week in Wauwatosa and at orientation for MCW. The first week at medical school was spent doing most of the boring administrative details. The first two days had lots of meetings where I sat and listened to people. The third day was slightly better, and I had a 2 1/2 hour CPR class. Thursday I went to the zoo. Friday was shorter, too, and I went to the white coat ceremony like you see above. Saturday my roommates and I went and got some furniture for the place I am currently living.
I am not able to post any more pictures for some reason. The server is saying that it has an internal error. If you want pictures, email me and I will send you the same zip folder that I am going to send Sarah.
For more state fair pictures, go to . You'll have to scroll past some of my roommate's pictures to find the right ones.
Love you guys!


Cheryl said...

Yahoo!! My baby boy is going to be a doctor!! (wiping a tear from my cheek!!) Way to go Bennie!!

Emily said...

Benny, you are so handsome in your white coat. You need to watch "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" now for more ensemble inspiration. He wears this really kickin' hat. . . hee hee But really, I'm proud of you!

Boshard Fam said...

Hey, who knew you guys had a blog. It'll be so fun to keep up with your adventures. Congratulations onthis big step, Ben! By the way, Sarah, I have a new email address.,