Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New house in Wauwatosa

Welcome the virtual tour of our new duplex on Robertson St. We spoiled our selves with this great place right next to the medical school. Ours is the right side. It has three levels.

This is as you walk in the front door.

back door
Door to basement
Looking down stairs from top floor


Rachel said...

Ooo nice!! Are y'all renting or buying? We're renting our house. We love it but we can only be in it for a year because it's going to be sold next year. That's so nice that it's right next to the med school. You'll save on gas!

Cheryl said...

Wow! Nice place!! You actually have room to move around in the kitchen!! Whoo Hoo!!

Thanks for sharing!

Lots of love!

Emily V. said...

Wow! Super nice place! It looks So big and at the same time so comfortable! That is so Great for you two! You guys have a cute blog too!!

Emily V. said...

And Sarah, I love your haircut, very cute!