Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fall in Wisconsin

Hey guys,

Sarah and I went to Kettle Maraine State Park today. We hiked the tallest hill in the park. It gave us a great view of Wisconsin in the fall.

Another neat thing we did (I'll try to add pictures later) was to watch orange people hunt deer. They walked in a wave across a big field with the dogs running back and forth. I think a few people got deer, because we heard a lot of shots. We saw one deer evade the hunters. Too bad we weren't hunting or we might have gotten it.

We also went to ten chimneys national monument. It was a big mansion that used to belong to a 1920 star actor and actress. We thought it was going to be some cool rock formation. They told us they were booked for tours for the day and that tours were 35 dollars per person. So we moved on.

My big test week is over. I had five tests and stayed up late two nights. But I did well, so I'm happy.

Well, that's it for now.



Cheryl said...

It's pretty! It sounds like you lucked out going to school in such a great place!

Emily said...

Sounds like fun- even if you couldn't go into the mansion! Good job in with your tests, too!