Monday, June 22, 2009


Hey Y'all,

This will be a text post since the camera is at home. Sarah is over there applying for jobs, so I am posting. I finally can sit down at a computer without having to do research. I was given three research projects to do while I am here. Basically all three consist of collecting outcome data on all patients with a specific diagnosis or operation and making a presentation to show how CSC is doing. One also consists of turning the 150 or so pictures of a specific operation into a description of the procedure in a power point.

We are at Sihanoukville for the second time now. It's the main beach city in Cambodia. Last time we played in the water, sat on the beach, got a massage, and pretty much just got sunburnt. It was really fun and relaxing. We stayed right on the beach in a nice place for only $15. This time we are in the same place and even in the same room. It's nice to have such a great view and A/C. Today we kayaked up the coast to a lagoon with mangrove trees. It was a fun paddle. The kayak was like a surfboard with sides. It wasn't very fast. Tomorrow we are going scuba diving out by two islands. We have three friends here with us this time from England and the US.

Work at CSC is going well. I scrubbed in to assist with my 41st operation of this trip on Friday. I have seen a lot of cool things here. I've helped with brain surgery, spine surgery, plastic surgery, and many orthopaedic cases. I understand surgery much better after having been here, as well as its role in developing nations. We have a week left. I'm very fortunate to have ended up here. And my research was presented at the Orthopaedic Society of Cambodia last week, so I have some research to put on my CV for this summer after all. One other project I am working on will be presented in Sept.

My Khmer is coming back. I don't speak as well as I did at my prime in my mission, but I know a lot more about medical Khmer. I can honestly say that I am fluent again in most situations. People are usually amazed that I've only studied for two years, and I'm usually amazed that I still remember after three years of being home.

Well, we are doing quite well. Hopefully some pictures will appear on the next post.


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Emily said...

You two are my inspiration. I love that you are over there- AND Ben, you still got to do research! Hooray!