Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ben and I made it safe to Phnom Penh. Our first night we spent in Bangkok. After staying up for 36 hours we couldn't sleep much so we got up and wondered around town and the Royal palace. It is required to have an elbow length shirt and pants, so I am wearing a rediculous outfit, but when we got there we didn't want to spent the 20 dollars to get in so we walked around the outside. That afternoon we flew to Phnom Penh.

Today is out third day at the Children's Surgical Center (CSC). We are up early because last night we decided to take a nap before dinner and woke up at midnight. At that point we decided just to keep sleeping.

At CSC, Ben is making lots of Khmer friends and the staff is impressed with him. I'm learning some Khmer words aswell which the children find amusing. I wouldn't say that we are any bit of help just yet but we are learning and amusing ourselves well enough. Ben has been in the operating room holding incisions open and doing a few sutures. I am able to walk into any surguries whenever I want as well.

Yesterday I went to what I guess you would call the burn unit. It is seveal km away from CSC. It is sad to see the violent crimes. These people are victims of acid burns. Most of the patients were gone to a court case yesterday so I only met a couple. We have also seen a couple women who have been savagely abuse by their husbands (i.e. stabbed and UE cut off).

The first picture just uploaded, so I will stick with only one picture for now.

More later.


Cheryl said...

I'm glad that you are safe and having a good time. Keep us posted!

Marcy and Isaac said...

Hooray, you did update your blog. I will be checking it often to see how you are doing. We are going camping tonight. It is supposed to rain, so hopefully it will turn out okay. Maybe we will find some real wilderness places while you are gone so we can go to the good ones when you get back.