Thursday, August 11, 2011

The last 5 weeks

Below are pictures of our family since the 4th of July. I will give the details in more of less or a chronological order. No such promise for the pictures. We went camping twice. We learned that strapping Elizabeth's high chair to a picnic bench works well. On the second trip we learned that Elizabeth does well..or I should say, her parents do best, when she has her own tent. Elizabeth enjoyed reading her own books for about an hour in her tent after waking up: good baby. Near the Dells we went to a deer park where we had a great time feeding and petting dear. We also found canoeing to be quite successful with a small child. Next, you will see that our raspberries and giant black berries became ripe. I made quite a deal of freezer jam, not shown. I got my hair cut and highlighted which you may or may not notice from the picture. We went swimming at a local but very crowded and annoying beach (about 1 life gaurd for every six children). Our cabbage is gettting big. I hope they tastes good. We BBQ'd pork ribs a couple of times in the back yard which we discovered is easier and cheaper than we thought. Another event of note was Elizabeth getting Roseola and then an allergic reaction to amoxacillin (hives shown). Our next camping trip was to Door county. The high light was picking sweet cherries. I will have to upload those pictures from Ben's camera. I made 4 batches of freezer jam and 6.5 quarts of canned, and 2 pints of frozen cherries. Also we picked some for others. I was over whelmed with the cherries until I canned them and that was quick. I wish I got more. We also went to the Door county fair. The best parts were watching an awesome juggler and Lizzy got to pet giant and baby cows. You will also see a picture of Ben and Elizabeth on top of a tower 225 feet above lake level. We were the highest point in many miles. On the way home we stopped at another state park on the beach. Ben had fun burying Elizabeth in sand. Elizabeth's level of fun is questionable. At home I made a large batch of cumber and squash and hot pepper pickles with all the fresh produce shown from our garden. I made 8 quarts of pickles! LAter Also I made several batches of freezer raspberry jam and three batches cooked blackberry jam. And last of all, Monday, after a long bout of frustration with and effort to fix our old car, we bought a new-to-us hatchback.


evamarie said...

Your garden is so awesome! Looks like you guys are having fun. I love your grill that you have there. Very fancy!!

Sunday said...

Love the new hair! And looking at all that yummy produce makes me really hungry. :) I'm so glad Elizabeth is great with camping. It's perfect with you outdoorsy folks! :) --Rachel

Emily said...

Poor Lizzy! And WOW that's a lot of jam and pickles and what-nots!! We were buried in apricots for a while but we had a break- just in time for the peaches to ripen!
(Just sayin' I understand the overwhelmingness of being buried in produce)