Wednesday, May 26, 2010


two weekends ago we went to a National Guard conference at the Wisconsin Dells.
Elizabeth learned to smile about 10 days ago. She practices everyday wither her new best friends: red, blue and green star. These friends are on the mobile above her bouncer seat. Not only do they provide Elizabeth endless entertainment, but they provide Ben and I endless entertainment as she smiles and talks to her stars until she gets hungry or tired. Her bouncer seat is on the table and is the best dinner entertainment we've ever had.You can see her looking at her stars in 5 different outfits.

other cute pictures of the fun we're having


McMikeMan said...

What a cutie!!! She is adorable:)

Cheryl said...

She is adorable!! Look at her holding her head up! I have GOT to get over there and snuggle her!

Lots of love!