Friday, August 7, 2009

Culinary hobby

Since I've gotten back from Cambodia, I've enjoyed cooking lots of great American foods. Here are some of my latest creations that Ben has missed out on while he is at basic training.

We celebrated our 3rd anniversary before Ben left with pizza and a French Chocolate Coffee Cake.
.I harvested some vegetables from my friend's garden that I'm tending.

Vegetable and cheese tart
You know that chewy European bread with crispy thick crust? mmm
This cream puff is actually from the Wisconsin state fair. Cream from local cows I'm sure.
Peach and nectarine freezer jam.

Pad Thai. Doesn't look as good as it taste.


Marcy and Isaac said...

Why are you not sharing that yummy food with me? You can come cook dinner at my house any time you want. :)

Laura said...

Everything looks DELICIOUS! What a feast!

Cheryl said...

Nicely done, Sarah! You really have a talent for cooking!! I know who'll be doing the cooking at Christmas!