Monday, February 23, 2009

Our Chicago Saturday

Sarah and I went to Chicago this weekend. Here are some pictures.

View from the Brown line train we took into town from a park and ride.

The Chicago Art Museum. Free in February.

Here is Sarah and the Lion of the art museum.

Anybody recognize this one?

You better recognize this one!

I really liked this one. It's fun. Ekstrom boys having a party.

Heads from Cambodians gods! Go Preahrianachak Kampuchea (Cambodia)!

Nepalese Buddha.

Chinese "pillows. Look really comfy...

This one might look familiar to the Hamms.

It's fine China that is actually from China (although most that stuff comes from China these days anyway). Looks like Heather's but 500 years older and definitely not found on anyone's table.



Cheryl said...

AWESOME!! I would love to visit the museum!! It looks like you had a lot of fun.

Sure love ya!

Emily said...

I think we have a picture in front of that same lion!
Chicago is a fun city, I'm glad you guys got to visit.
Love you!

Rachel said...

I want to go back to Chicago...I loved it. Call me back Sarah! (Just wanted to throw in a subtle hint).